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Never get caught without an important file again

With 4Sync all files you use most are only a touch away
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A storage solution for everyone

Your perfect everyday companion
4Sync is a trustworthy online storage for your documents, music, photos and other things you value. Anything you put on 4Sync becomes accessible anytime, anywhere on your computers, phones and tablets or from the website with an incredibly intuitive interface. Designed to match all your online storage needs, 4Sync is very easy to use and boasts lots of awesome features.
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Mobile syncing

Your files, easy to access and share, anytime
4Sync enables you to access your files anywhere - from any computer, mobile phone or tablet. There's no need to save files repeatedly, or spend time downloading and uploading files to save the updates. 4Sync does it all for you.
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Stay in sync

4Sync brings the power of the cloud to your desktop
No more flash drives, take advantage of our multi-way sync feature that lets you always stay in sync. You can start working on a document in your office, make quick changes on the move or during your break time, and add finishing touches at home. Transfer or backup files in the blink of an eye.

A service you can trust

Life would be awesome if everything was as reliable as 4Sync
4Sync is an encryption enabled service that makes your data security a priority. It not only protects your photos and other important data, it preserves them. So, you can rest assured that no matter what happens you won't ever lose a single file and your data will never fall into the wrong hands. 4Sync will safeguard all your data against disasters, equipment failure, or simple human errors.

Share moments that matter

Keep your ideas moving, inspire the world!
4Sync is a wonderful collaboration tool that helps you and your friends keep all of your adventures in one place. Create shared folders to plan trips or special occasions together, unify photos after a trip, family reunion, or wedding and share them with close friends, colleagues or the whole world. Let's ooh and ahh, laugh and cry together!
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Benefits of 4Sync

Our standard features are everyone else's luxury features.
1 TB
of storage
Unlike other cloud storages, measuring in gigabytes, 4Sync offers an actual terabyte. Just imagine, that's more than half a million photos to flip, share and enjoy.
20 GB maximum upload files size
You can easily upload really big files to your 4Sync account. Upload a video from your last birthday party or any special occasion and enjoy watching it directly from your account.
4Sync offers flexible bandwidth limitations. That is, whereas all users initially get 100GB of monthly traffic at 4Sync, *they can easily purchase any extra amount of traffic, when needed.
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